The new and risky adventure in which Mortelo & Manzani will endanger their own lives and, of course, also their audicence (unless they keep a little bit away from stage…), in what is supposed to be a tribute to the old time circus daredevils. Here are the last recruits of the prestigious “Fili Busters Academy”!

An amazing circus and clown show, with funambulism skills, balance and an incredible and weird moving device. And fire? Yes, there’s fire on the show. And a motorbike.



Two eccentric clowns arrive with a lot of objects and instruments that lead them to the most absurd situations. A show made with what little they have: recreating their own world, a particular universe made of realism and fantasy.

It is a show without words, through the universal language of the clown, full of live music, absurd humor and many more surprises!