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Two eccentric clowns arrive with a lot of objects and instruments that lead them to the most absurd situations. A show made with what little they have: recreating their own world, a particular universe made of realism and fantasy.

It is a show without words, through the universal language of the clown, full of live music, absurd humor and many more surprises!

Show details:

Company: Mortelo & Manzani
Origin: Reus (Catalonia, Spain)
Title of the show: Absurditties
Cast: Gerard Morte, Iván Manzanero
Directed by: Clara Cenoz
Audience: Family show
Stage: Street or theater
Measures: 7x7m (flat surface)
Assembly time: 2h (can be much quicker for street performance)
Disassembly: 1h (can be much quicker for street performance)
Language: No text.