Mortelo & Manzani is a clown and circus duo that was born in 2010 in Reus (Tarragona) by Gerard Morte and Ivan Manzanero.

Our engine of creation is humor, without words, from the eyes of clowns, absurd and eccentric who constantly seek the laughter of the public, through clown, circus skills and live music.

Since 2010 we have taken our humor throughout Catalonia, Spain, Italy and Lebanon with the shows: 

Fly BrothersAbsurditties and Fili Busters.


Since 2015 we collaborate with Clowns Without Borders, in 2016 we make a first expedition to Lebanon.

We formed a clown with Clara Cenoz, Jon Davison, Chrys Lynam, Danny Schelsinger and Chacovachi. Performance Dynamics with Johnny Melville. Slapstick with Guga and Àngel Amieva.